dimanche 23 février 2014

HSF 3: Pink

Les photos et la déscription sont en retard, même si la jupe a été finie à temps. Durant une semaine à Loèche-les-Bains, pas d'accès Internet...

Pictures and description are late, even if the challenge was finished in time: I spent one week in the mountains without Internet access.

Comme je n'ai pas réussi à coudre le tweed, j'ai décidé de faire uen jupe crayon du style des annèes 40 avec des petites poches roses. La doublure est également rose. Les premières jupes crayon étaient des créations Dior de 1940.

As I did not succeed in sewing the tweed, I made a classical pencil skirt in style of 1940 with pink pockets and lining. The first pencil skirts were created in 1940 by Christian Dior.

The Challenge: #3 Pink

Fabric: Wool for the skirt, cotton for the lining

Pattern: A vogue pattern, altered by me 

Year: Ca. 1940

Notions: polyester and cotton thread in black and pink, a metal zipper

How historically accurate is it? Not sure, mayn examples for pencil skirts are bit later.

Hours to complete: around 20.... including adapting the pattern and sewing the pockets which were tricky.

First worn: on the 15th of february for my mothers 71th birthday.

Total cost: around 60 € for the beautiful fabric.

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